Data Science Consulting

If you’ve found this page then it means that you already know how important it is for your business to make the most of everything that data and analytics has to offer.

You also probably already know this but data is one of the greatest, most underutilized assets that a business has. However, in an age of big data, AI, and machine learning, it is no longer just ‘nice to have’ an analytical capability; it is an absolutely critical business function.

Is this you?

  • You are generating data daily and not doing anything with it.
  • You have dozens of Excel files or even a data warehouse full of data that nobody is looking at
  • You can’t make sense of your data
  • You have so many versions of Excel spreadsheets and email conversations floating around that you find it hard to identify the latest or correct version.
  • You (or those in your business) are doing most, if not all, of your reporting manually
  • You make all your business decisions based on gut instinct alone

Do you want to be like this?

  • Maximising the potential that exists in your data.
  • Actively seeking insights and opportunities in your data that supports the strategic objectives of your business.
  • Confident in the quality and reliability of the reports and insights generated from your data.
  • Able to access your data and reports from a single source of truth so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Able to access automated reports immediately
  • Making decisions that are driven by data with your gut instincts backed up and validated by your data.

This is what I can do for you:

  • Build end-to-end business intelligence reporting stacks with Power BI
  • Analyse and explore your data to uncover insights and opportunities that benefit your business
  • Automate and optimise everyday tasks with Python
  • Create Excel reports for fast & flexible reporting
  • Build machine learning models that take your analytical capability to the next level

Pricing Tiers:


  • Choose this tier if you are still very new to analytics and have only built a few simple reports so far
  • You are looking to jump-start your analytics but aren’t sure where to start or what to do
  • Price range: $600 – $1000 per project. Negotiable depending on project size & duration


  • Choose this tier if you have already built up some analytical capability in your business – generating reports and insights that drive your decision making
  • You want to take your capability to the next level with a business intelligence stack, automated reporting systems, and more in-depth data analysis.
  • Price range: $1000 – $2500 per project. Negotiable depending on project size & duration


  • Choose this tier if you have already established a significant analytical capability in your business with a complete BI stack and advanced analytics and insight generation.
  • You now want to start introducing machine learning and AI into your decision-making and product development.
  • Price range: $2500+ per project. Negotiable depending on project size & duration

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