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5 Steps to Developing your First Data Analytics Strategy

Those companies that view data as a strategic asset and develop robust data and analytics strategies are the ones that will succeed in this new data-driven world. — Bernard Marr

How to Analyse Google Sheets Data in Python Using EZSheets

It is quick and easy to start analysing Google Sheets data in Python using the EZSheets library. I typically write python scripts that automate the extraction and analysis of data stored in Google Drive.

Getting Started with Logging in Python

The Python logging module has been part of my toolkit since the very beginning of my data science journey (thanks to a former colleague who helped me build my first web scraper and showed me some good practices to start with early rather than later).


Analysing the Pokedex: Type Effectiveness and Experience Classification

‘Gotta Catch ’Em All!’ The goal of this project is exploration - to find insights in the pokedex data while also practicing the creation and customisation of visualisations in R.

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