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The Secret To Doing Less as a Data Scientist: Automate Your Tasks With Python

Task automation has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal as a data scientist. My only regret is not getting started with automation sooner. In the past, I have felt intimidated by the process of automation because I always thought it was an intensive, tedious process.

5 Steps to Developing your First Data Analytics Strategy

Those companies that view data as a strategic asset and develop robust data and analytics strategies are the ones that will succeed in this new data-driven world. — Bernard Marr

How to Analyse Google Sheets Data in Python Using EZSheets

It is quick and easy to start analysing Google Sheets data in Python using the EZSheets library. I typically write python scripts that automate the extraction and analysis of data stored in Google Drive.


Analysing the Pokedex: Type Effectiveness and Experience Classification

‘Gotta Catch ’Em All!’ The goal of this project is exploration - to find insights in the pokedex data while also practicing the creation and customisation of visualisations in R.
Joleen Bothma

Joleen Bothma

Data Scientist

About me

I am so glad you are here!

You have found one of the best places to level up your data science skills and learn how to make better data-driven decisions.

We have all heard that if you want to succeed at something, you need to put in the work and practice! This is especially true for data science. You need to apply your skills by building data science projects and having fun with it, too!

But you do not have to lock yourself in a dark room for hours at a time and tackle this alone.

Here we will guide you through data science projects with an easy to follow project flow that you can use to go from “OMG, what do I do with all this data?” to “Project done!".

Why Do Data Science Projects Matter?

Whether you are a new or experienced data scientist, having a portfolio of projects is an invaluable resource to showcase your skills and land your dream job or your next big client.

But you could be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where do I get data?
  • How do I know what problem to solve or what questions to ask about my data?
  • What software or packages do I use?
  • How do I successfully complete my project without getting stuck in analysis paralysis?

Stick around because we will guide you through your first data science project and beyond and before long, you’ll have an entire portfolio of projects on display.

Why Should My Business Decisions be Driven by Data?

One of my favourite quotes is by Bernard Marr - “Those companies that view data as a strategic asset and develop robust data and analytics strategies are the ones that will succeed in this new data-driven world.”

I believe this to be completely true and we have never been in a better position than we are in right now to take advantage of data in all our business processes - including decision making.

When you nurture and develop analytics within your organisation, you can eventually cultivate an environment that promotes a sense of curiosity in the organisation that is also backed up by facts and data.

So Who Am I and Why Am I Qualified To Talk About This?

My name is Joleen Bothma and I first learnt about data science towards the end of my undergrad. Fast forward to today and I have a Masters Degree in Statistics and an absolute thirst for knowledge for all things ‘data science’.

During all my years at university I have always been more interested in how to apply concepts and analyse data rather than proving theorems. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a csv file with thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of lines of data and turning that into beautiful charts or meaningful models that solves problems and answers questions that actually mean something to me or move a business closer to their strategic goals.

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