How To Structure Your Data Science Project For Success

It’s easy to run headfirst into writing code and analysing data and forget about project layout, so make it part of your routine to get started with a simple structure that you either maintain throughout the project or evolve as you go.

Data Science Project Flow: Getting Started

Starting a new data science project (especially for the first time) can feel like a monumental task. You’ve probably read a bunch of data science articles or gone through an online course and you’re keen to apply your new-found knowledge to some actual data (that does not involve petal width).

Finding Data For Your Data Science Project: The 5 Best Places To Look

If you’re starting your first (or next) data science project then chances are you’ll need to find one or more interesting datasets to analyse in your project. Well, look no further because I have a list of the best 5 places to look for great datasets to use in your project.

The Secret To Setting Achievable Goals For Your Data Science Project

Have you ever been really motivated to get stuck into analysing some data so you go ahead and download a really interesting dataset and (after a bit of googling) you import the data and go to town on it - you create summary tables, visualisations, fit a model, then go back to visualisations, then back to fitting some other model, and so on and so on.